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Function injection overview

This SDK functionality is in Beta.

Netlify Functions open a world of possibilities for running on-demand, server-side code without having to run a dedicated server. Your integration can inject serverless functions, including background functions and scheduled functions, into sites during the build step.

With Netlify Functions, your integration can provide a wide range of functionality, such as:

  • APIs. Create custom APIs to interact with external services or databases.
  • Dynamic images. Generate images on the fly.
  • Background tasks. Perform longer-running function tasks in the background, like batch processing and scraping.
  • Scheduled tasks. Perform tasks on a regular and consistent schedule, much like a cron job that invokes a set of APIs to collate data every week.

Note that background functions are only available for customers on Core Pro and Core Enterprise plans, so any functionality that your integration includes that uses background functions may not work for all users.

Once you publish your integration, it will be available for Netlify users to add to their sites or teams. Please note there are usage and billing implications for your integration users when you inject functions.

Usage and billing

It’s important to note that Netlify Functions have billing implications for your integration users based on usage, across all plans. We recommend that you review the usage and billing documentation and that you highlight the use of functions in your integration’s user documentation.

Note that it’s the integration users that incur any costs for Functions service usage, not integration authors.


  • Get started: how to install the Netlify SDK, generate the boilerplate files, and add code to create and inject a function.
  • Debug & test: how to test your integration with function injection locally.


We welcome your feedback or questions about this functionality. You can share your thoughts in the form at the end of this page or by posting to our Support Forums.