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Connectors overview

Create integrations that allow users to connect to and sync data from a custom data source to Netlify Connect. Integrations for Netlify Connect use Connectors.

When you create an integration that includes a connector, you develop the functionality that Netlify will use to sync data from your third-party or proprietary data source to Netlify Connect.

Specifically, you use the Netlify Connector APIs to:

  • define the data model for your data source type
  • specify how to store and update data in Netlify Connect whenever data changes
  • specify the configuration options that will appear in the Netlify UI for Netlify Connect users

You can use the Netlify SDK utility tools to run, test, and build your integration as you work.

Once you finish development, you have the option to publish your integration either as a private connector or a partner connector for Netlify Connect users to select, configure, and use in their data layers.


  • Get started: a high-level walkthrough to install the Netlify SDK, generate the boilerplate files, and add code for a basic connector example.
  • Develop: detailed information on the steps to develop a connector that supports your data source type.
  • Build: information on how to build your connector.
  • Debug and test: an overview of how to debug and write tests for your connector code.
  • Publish: guidance on how to publish your integration for Netlify Connect users.