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API Handlers overview

API Handlers are serverless functions that form the API for your integration. They allow you to dynamically do things such as:

  • create an environment variable on a Netlify site
  • proxy calls to a third-party API with authentication tokens
  • store configuration or metadata in the Integration API
  • add or remove a build event handler for a site

API Handlers can be called through the Integration UI and through Build Event Handlers.

Want to inject functions into a user’s site instead?

This document covers how to use serverless functions in your integration but you also have the option to inject serverless functions that will run in the integration user’s site instead. Learn more about function injection.

You can use the Netlify SDK utility tools to run, test, and build your integration as you work.

Once you publish your integration, it will be available for Netlify users to add to their sites or teams.