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Edge Functions Guides

Guides, examples, and demonstrations of using the Netlify platform

Partial Prerendering without a framework

Netlify’s Platform Primitives and Netlify Edge Functions make Partial Prerendering simple to implement in plain static HTML without any framework or even build system.

Functions Edge Functions

Improve site performance with better serverless insights

Access to serverless invocation and performance metrics help to protect your site performance. See how Function Metrics give the data to help you build better.

Functions Edge Functions Admin

How to make edge rendering fast

Learn how Netlify's granular cache controls, and planning your technical architecture, can make edge rendering very fast even when your data is not at the edge.

Edge Functions Remix

Create an integration that injects edge functions into any site

Use the Netlify SDK to create an integration that can inject an edge function to sites to perform logic on their incoming requests, allowing you to block content based on the location of your site visitors as an example.

SDK Edge Functions

Using custom error handling if a serverless function has crashed

Netlify edge functions support custom error handling with a number of options available. Learn how to control how serverless errors are handled in your projects, and how to chose between the options.

Edge Functions

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