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Guides, examples, and demonstrations of using the Netlify platform

Avoiding lock-in for your image pipeline with Nuxt Image and Netlify Image CDN

Gain the benefits of an image CDN and image transformation pipeline while avoiding vendor lock-in thanks to Nuxt Image

Building AI experiences on Netlify

Learn how Netlify can help you build experiences powered by AI tools and services, and what to consider when doing so.

Integrations can now inject serverless functions to enhance any site. Here’s how

It’s now possible to inject Netlify Functions, including scheduled and background functions, into any site by creating a Netlify integration! Leverage the power of the Netlify SDK to automate your workflows!

How to use Sanity CMS with Astro

Learn how to combine Sanity CMS with the Astro web framework to deliver managed content through a site experience that is totally under your control.

Create an integration that injects edge functions into any site

Use the Netlify SDK to create an integration that can inject an edge function to sites to perform logic on their incoming requests, allowing you to block content based on the location of your site visitors as an example.

Trigger a site update from anything that speaks HTTP with build hooks

Build hooks are your API to triggering a site update from anywhere. Learn how to create and use them.

Safeguard your sites from abuse with Netlify's Rate Limiting controls

Take greater control over how your sites and applications handle specific traffic patterns and avoid abuse using our rate limiting controls

Using cookies for displaying dynamic status messages with Astro

Use server cookies and serverless functions to display dynamic feedback or status messages on your Astro site’s pages.

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