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Guides, examples, and demonstrations of using the Netlify platform

Integrations can now inject serverless functions to enhance any site. Here’s how

It’s now possible to inject Netlify Functions, including scheduled and background functions, into any site by creating a Netlify integration! Leverage the power of the Netlify SDK to automate your workflows!

SDK Functions

Create an integration that injects edge functions into any site

Use the Netlify SDK to create an integration that can inject an edge function to sites to perform logic on their incoming requests, allowing you to block content based on the location of your site visitors as an example.

SDK Edge Functions

Create and Deploy a Custom OpenAI-powered Chat Bot

Step through the process of using the OpenAI API, Tailwind, and Netlify to create, customize, and deploy a chat bot of your very own.


Share your Netlify integration with the click of a button

Share your integrations with the developer community by using the 'Deploy to Netlify' button. Let others try your integration hassle-free by checking out our step-by-step instructions.


How we built an Upstash integration in 1 (and a bit) days

Learn how to use the Netlify SDK to create integrations of your own with this walk-through of the development of an integration to Upstash


Integrate PlanetScale in your Next.js site and authenticate using Netlify Identity

Set up Netlify’s PlanetScale integration to start using a MySQL database on your site and add Netlify Identity to quickly get set up with authentication.

SDK Next.js PlanetScale

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