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Share your Netlify integration with the click of a button

by Karin Hendrikse

Have you just created an amazing integration to enhance or extend Netlify? Did you know that integrations can be shared and made easy for others to install and customize? Let me show you how!


Sharing the integrations you make with the community is as easy as using our Deploy to Netlify button and linking to your integration template. Let’s do it.

What are Netlify Integrations?

Netlify Integrations extend the capabilities of the Netlify platform and enable you to streamline developer workflows. By using the Netlify SDK you can add custom data sources to Netlify’s data layer, create sitemaps, RSS feeds, or search indexes as part of the build process. You can also do things like check for broken links in a site after the build completes but before the site is deployed, monitor serverless function activity with an integration wrapper or simplify the workflow for developers using your service with Netlify by doing things like generating required environment variables automatically instead of asking users to set them manually. The sky’s the limit.

Create your integration

First, make sure to create your integration using the Netlify SDK. Once it’s ready to be tested, try it out by creating a private integration on your Netlify account. I bet it is amazing! So let’s make sure to share it with the rest of the web community so they can benefit from it as well.

Make a public repository with a readme

Ensure that your integration is committed to a public repository on GitHub. This will allow people to use your code and deploy the integration as a private integration on their Netlify account.

In this repository you can add a file. This can contain information on what the integration does, but maybe just as important: this is where we’ll add the Deploy to Netlify button so people can actually try it out on their own account as well.

Add the Deploy to Netlify button

In your add the following code, replacing repository_url with the url to your public GitHub repository.

[![Deploy to Netlify](](

If you commit this to your repository, people will now see a button in your that will allow them to deploy and try out your integration by simply clicking it. It will lead them through a few small steps and within no time it is deployed to their Netlify team as a private integration.

Curious what this might look like? Try the button below!

Deploy to Netlify

Did you know

It’s also possible to add additional configuration to your button. For example: you can pre-populate some fields that the person clicking the button would otherwise have to fill in themselves.

To learn more about this, check out the documentation!