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Increase productivity using the command line alias

by Sean C Davis

Developers like to joke with us that they often type netflix instead of netlify when using the Netlify CLI.

It’s a common typo, and it’s a bit of a running joke. But it’s also a real problem. Wasting energy in keystrokes is distracting when you’re trying to get work done.

Fortunately, the Netlify CLI has a built-in alias (ntl) that you can use to avoid this problem.

Terminal window
> ntl --help
netlify-cli/17.19.5 darwin-arm64 node-v18.17.1
$ netlify [COMMAND]
$ api Run any Netlify API method
$ blobs Manage objects in Netlify Blobs
$ build Build on your local machine
$ completion Generate shell completion script
$ deploy Create a new deploy from the contents of a folder
$ dev Local dev server
$ env Control environment variables for the current site
$ functions Manage netlify functions
$ init Configure continuous deployment for a new or existing site. To create a new site without continuous deployment, use `netlify sites:create`
$ integration Manage Netlify Integrations built with the Netlify SDK
$ link Link a local repo or project folder to an existing site on Netlify
$ login Login to your Netlify account
$ logs Stream logs from your site
$ open Open settings for the site linked to the current folder
$ recipes Create and modify files in a project using pre-defined recipes
$ serve Build the site for production and serve locally. This does not watch the code for changes, so if you need to rebuild your site then you must exit and run `serve` again.
$ sites Handle various site operations
$ status Print status information
$ switch Switch your active Netlify account
$ unlink Unlink a local folder from a Netlify site
$ watch Watch for site deploy to finish

It may seem like a small and silly thing to avoid a few keystrokes. But over the life of a project, keystrokes can add up. A quick mind-and-finger-map from netlify to ntl can make a big difference over time.